Opening hours: from 07.00 to 23.00

Plasmolifting (injection)

500 UAH. (Special offer!!!)

Ceramic veneer (E-max)

5000 UAH. (Special offer!!!)

Ceramic filling (arde nano q) (New!!!)

800 UAH. (Special offer!!!)

Photopolymer filling

500-750 UAH. (Special offer!!!)

Photopolymer restoration

1000 UAH. (Special offer!!!)

Plasma bleaching

1000 UAH.

Home whitening (with the manufacture of individual cap)

600 UAH.

Bio-filling (New!!!)

1000 UAH.


100 UAH.

Root canal filling

500 UAH - 1 canal

Photopolymer anterior restoration (with Filtek Ultimate)

999 UAH. (Special offer!!!)

Professional ultrasonic tooth cleaning

700 UAH for all teeth  (Special offer)

Professional ultrasonic tooth cleaning + Air Flow whitening

900 UAH. (Special offer!!!)

Periodentistry tooth cleaning by Vector system

750 UAH. (one jaw)

Periodentistry tooth cleaning by Cavitron system

3000 UAH. (New)

Tooth decoration

500 UAH (rhinestone routinely + or any diamond ordered in advance).

Porcelain fused metal


Metal-free ceramic crown (Circon)

5000 UAH.

Acrylic denture (Spofadent Пластмасса)

1700 UAH.

Bugel denture

6000 UAH.

Nylon denture

5000 UAH.

Acetal denture

4000 UAH.

Acron denture (New!!!)

6000 UAH.

Inlay-onlay ceramic

1700 UAH.

Tooth removal

500 UAH.

Plasma teeth whitening

1000 UAH. (Special offer!!!)

Laser teeth whitening (New!!!)

999 UAH. (Special offer!!!)


6500-7000 UAH.

Dental microprosthetics (all-ceramic inlay. Veneers provide perfect visual effect as the procedure is conducted microscopically under laboratory conditions)

2000 UAH.

Splintage (by fiber glass) – in paradontosis

700 UAH. – one jaw

Inlay core

600 UAH.

Complex sensitivity management

100-159 UAH.

Incision of periodontal abscess

250 UAH.

Installation of braces

6000 UAH. - 1 jaw

Removal of braces ( 2 jaws ) + installation of retainers + cleaning

1399 грн. (Special offer!!!)

Installation of implants

8000 UAH. (1 implant) .

Componeer tooth restoration (New!!!)

999 UAH. (Special offer!!!)

Nanonear tooth restoration (New!!!)

3000 UAH.

Ultraneer tooth restoration (New!!!)

3000 UAH.

Lumineer tooth restoration

15 000 UAH - 1 site

Filling (glass-ionomer) in kids

500 UAH.

Extraction of primary dentition (under anesthesia)

500 - 700 UAH.

Simple tooth extraction

500 UAH.

Difficult tooth extraction (with suturing)

1800 UAH.

Wisdom tooth extraction
1000 UAH.

Atypical wisdom tooth extraction

1500 - 2000 UAH.

Silver impregnation (in kids)

60 UAH. (1 session)

Apparatus orthodontic correction of occlusion  (in under 16 year old kids)

499- 900 UAH.

Consultation by orthodontist

100 UAH.

Consultation by periodentist

100 UAH.

Orthodontic appliances for bite correction

4000 - 6000 UAH.

Tooth enamel erosion treatment

1400 UAH. - 1 tooth

Orthotropic face correction

4000 - 10 000 UAH.

Course of laser therapy for periodontal disease

900 UAH.

Dentist - Gnatologist Consultation (New!!!)

350 UAH.


Special offer for patients who live on 4, Reheneratorna str., Chervonotkatska str., Hnata Hotkevytcha (former Chervonogvardiyska) str., and Andriya Malyshka str. Call for details (044) 237-8965, (063) 237-8965, (050) 725-6219, or contact via skype: krival_yura777, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We also offer domiciliary dentoprosthetic rehabilitation for bed-bound patients (call for doctor’s visit in Kyiv and Kyiv region!).